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Demodex Ultra sonography
Our methods of treatment:
Intravenous therapy Intravenous therapy >>


Intravenous laser therapy (VLOK) is an effective method, used in the fields of cardiology, endocrinology, gynecology, surgery, dermatology, ENT pathologies as well as in other fields of medicine today. The design and manufacture of sterile disposable fiber optics (laser wave guides) have made this procedure totally safe and comfortable for the patient. Intravenous laser (VLOK) provides on its own, significant therapeutic effects as well as increases the effectiveness of medications. In our clinic, patients are consulted by a doctor prior to the administration of such procedures, who determines the parameters of action and the number of procedures on an individual basis. VLOK does not possess side effects; dependence to its procedures is absent and has a prolonged as well as stable effect. The active usage of this device in Ukraine started after its registration in 1985. The main effects of laser therapy include painless and comfortable procedure, individual tactic to each patient’s problem, absence of secondary effects, absence of dependence as well as prolonged and stable therapeutic effects. 

Surgical Laser Surgical Laser >>


In our clinic, high-intensity lasers “Lika-Hirurg” are used in the fields of surgery, dermatology, gynecology, ENT pathologies and oncology. The advantages of laser excision of new lesions (neoplasms) over cryodystrophy, diathermocoagulation and surgical scalpel excisions are obvious and include contactless, no exsanguinity (bloodless), safe and controllable effect. The procedure requires little time and does not require special aseptic and antiseptic conditions. Results achieved include quick treatment, scarless healing of wounds, little or no post-operative pain, bloodless operation field, accelerated wound healing, high cosmetic and sterilizing effect, insignificant tissue edema, significant hemostatic effect and minimal disruption of the substructures of tissues. The device is registered and authorized for usage in Ukraine.

Therapeutic Laser Therapeutic Laser >>

In our clinic, low-intensity therapeutic lasers - “Lika-Therapevt”, scanning lasers - “Medic 2”, intravenous devices - “Lasmic” (devices are registered and authorized for usage in Ukraine) are used. For the application of intravenous laser therapy, “Lasmic” device, manufactured in Russia is used. The “Lika-Therapevt” device has three independent canals. This device permits the execution of laser radiations with different wavelengths, while constantly modifying the impulse regimes of laser radiative action. Its design permits the use of various heads (adaptors). In our clinic, this device is used in the fields of gynecology, therapy, surgery as well as in the treatment of ENT-pathologies. “Medic 2” is a low intensity scanning therapeutic laser. Laser beam scanning is a modern, highly effective method of laser therapy, which provides an opportunity to work on large surface areas using targeted laser radiation. Laser scanning permits the achievement of high effectiveness of procedures, without increasing at the same time the duration for implementing as well as providing a deep penetrative laser radiative action in tissues. We correct body shapes using scans, according to the form of damaged surface. This device possesses an analgesic, anti-inflammatory and wound-healing effects. In our clinic, “Medic 2” device is effectively used for the treatment of trophic ulcers, chronic non-healing wound, vascular diseases of the lower extremities, pathologies of the joints and spinal cord, peritoneal commissures (adhesions), adnexitis (oophoritis).

Cosmetic Laser Cosmetic Laser >>



Neodymium lasers “Photon” are used in our clinic. “Photon” is the peak of global laser cosmetology. “Photon”, a unique laser technology, embodies imperial quality standards, effectiveness and safety procedures.

Neodymium laser is an undisputable leader in the treatment of spider naevus, hemangiomas, acne rosacea, acne and for the execution of professional laser rejuvenation (anti-age) procedures of the skin.

Ultra sonography Ultra sonography >>



In our clinic, we use ultrasound scanner S6 for ultrasound investigations, which is a color ultrasonic system of a high level with probes of high density. The portability of the apparatus does not only permit that required investigations be carried out but also permits that operations be performed with ultrasonic guidance. 


In medicine, the twenty first century is considered a century of modern laser technology. Ranging from general extensive external application techniques of low intensive therapeutic laser for the treatment of all types of inflammations, to exclusive techniques of intravenous laser-therapy to influence completely the regenerative process of defense mechanisms of the human body in general.

Within a period of 40 years, the practical use of lasers have demonstrated their absolute reliability and safety, as well as such undisputed advantages of the usage of laser appliances in contrast to traditional methods of treatment, such as the absence of age limits, allergic reactions and complications. That is precisely why laser technology dynamically develops, improves and possesses great popularity amongst specialists as well as patients throughout the world.

Melekhovets Yuri Vladimirovich

Sumy medical Laser clinic provides medical services for the treatment of a wide range of diseases with the use of modern laser therapeutic techniques. The Clinic’s experience, accumulated due to working with hundreds of patients permits one to ascertain the high effectiveness of laser therapy.

Why specifically “Clinic”? This is because we have at our disposal, all laser energy applicable methods. We propose complex treatment. Treatment is performed not only by lasers but also by means of medications.

In our clinic, you can be consulted (consultations are offered) by professors, associate professors, PhD holders of medical sciences, leading specialists in areas of the treatment of therapeutic and surgical diseases, undergo diagnostic ultrasound and laboratory investigations in innovative machines, receive course treatments.


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