Consultation of a nutritionist

Consultation of a nutritionist


It’s time for a good mood, bright dresses and lightness… Especially, in a comfortable weight.

But sometimes it is so difficult to choose: fried potatoes or lettuce? Can everything be together? How to eat healthy and tasty? What to do with calories? Should they be counted or not? Because tomorrow you have to look perfect!

How to stop “eating” stress? Is it effective to “punish” yourself with exhausting training for an extra cake? So many questions, who will answer them?

Nutritionology – the science of nutrition – knows the answer to all these questions. We will help you understand the basic principles of a balanced diet, understand how much, when and what to eat and drink. And we will count (if it is important for you) your calories for you and make a food menu.

And if you have complaints from the digestive system, then our specialists will carry out all the necessary diagnostics and consultation regarding the treatment of the pathology of the gastrointestinal tract not only by medication, but also with the help of diet therapy – a science that, through specially selected nutrition, treats acute and chronic pathology .

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