ENT Pathology

ENT Pathology

One of the alternative therapeutic methods especially in the field of pediatrics is low-intensive laser therapy. With the help of disposable nozzles, the laser energy is transmitted directly to the inflamed nasal mucosa, fauces as well as the ears and within the first minutes, it causes a decrease in edema, which helps in the mechanical elimination of the infected mucosa from the nose and fauces. A complete treatment course provides restoration of the damaged zones as a result of an increase in blood flow, increase elimination of damaging agents (microbes, allergens) and improvement of regeneration.

A combination of local action with a blue spectrum intravenous laser therapy provides restoration of lost protective functions of the organism, elimination of local and general inflammation signs as well as the provision of a resistant immunity.

Uniquely, the use of high-intensity surgical lasers in the treatment of nasal bleeding achieves the following:

1.     Provision of a reliable hemostasis.

2.     High accuracy of operative procedures even in very difficult and less accessible regions due to an elastic laser wave-guiding instrument.

3.     Minimal tissue traumatization

4.     Antibacterial laser emission action, which helps decrease the risk of developing post-operative complications.

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