Otitis is an inflammation of the ear. Inflammation of the external, middle and inner ear are differentiated. Otitis externa (external otitis) is the inflammation of the skin of the pinnae as well as the external canal (furuncle, eczema) of the ear, which manifests in the same way as on other parts of the body Otitis media (middle otitis) can be acute or chronic in nature. Acute otitis media occurs as a result of the penetration of microbes in to the middle ear from the nose and nasopharynx during influenza and other infectious diseases.

Otitis media occurs more often in kids than in adults due to the fact that they frequently suffer from colds and adenoids. Symptoms of acute otitis media include: shooting pain in the ear, decrease of hearing, increase body temperature, purulent excretions from the ear (often from the first days and at times from the first hours of the disease).

During modern treatment of acute otitis, most cases are completely healed, however, during weakening of the organism as well as other unfavorable conditions, it could lead to chronic otitis: purulent excretes constantly or periodically come out from the ear and hearing is constantly impaired (decreased). Complications of otitis media include inflammations of the inner ear, meninges of the brain etc.

The use of laser in the treatment of otitis is substantiated as a result of its anti-inflammatory, analgesic and desensitizing effects. After the cleaning of the ear canal, a special straight nozzle is used. The time for laser ablation is 10 minutes.

The treatment duration is 8 – 10 procedures.

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