Nasal bleeding

Nasal bleeding is bleeding from the nasal cavity, which usually can be seen as bleeding through the nostrils. Two types of nasal bleeding are differentiated: Anterior (more often) and posterior (rare but needs more attention) nasal bleeding. Repeated or “primary” nasal bleeding often develops from the anterior parts of the nasal septum (Kisselbach’s zone). The etiological causes of nasal bleeding are many: Anatomical specificity of the body (weak walls of blood vessels, closely situated blood vessels), different diseases and pathologic states for example vegetative vascular dystonia, hypertensive disease, hematologic diseases, acute respiratory diseases, hypovitaminosis etc.

Routine methods to stop nasal bleeding such as tamponade of the nasal cavity, galvanocauterization (electric cauterization) and chemocauterization as well as detachment of the mucous membrane of the nose have not always been effective.

After laser coagulation of hemorrhagic vessels, there is no need to tamponade the nasal cavity since the method is quite efficient during blood clotting disorders. Treatment method is chosen after a consultation with a specialist.

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