Snoring treatment

Healthy sleep is the key to a healthy and active life. Unfortunately, sometimes a full rest is not available, and the reason is annoying snoring. Many people believe that snoring is a safe sound phenomenon. Still in medicine this condition goes by the term “night apnea” and entails respiratory dysfunction that associates with short-term sleep apnea and malnutrition of vital organs (brain, heart, etc.) with oxygen.

Snoring treatment

A revolutionary method of treating snoring is the development of laser surface techniques. They non-contactly correct the structures of the throat that interfere with breathing.

Erbium laser treatment is the only procedure that restores the structure of the palatine tongue and eliminates sagging of the soft palate. Instead of a scalpel, we use a beam of light, which is directed into the open mouth without auxiliary tools. Irradiation of the tongue and soft palate occurs within 10 minutes. For better light penetration, we ask the patient to pronounce the sound “a”. Procedure requires no anesthesia. The patient feels a slight warmth.

After the procedure during the day we recommend to refrain from spicy, hot and cold foods.

The course consists of three procedures: 1st, after 1 month – 2nd, after 3 months – 3rd.

Disappearance or reduction of snoring intensity occurs immediately after the procedure.

Contraindications: in the presence of oncological, autoimmune diseases in the active stage of the process requires additional consultation with a specialist.

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