Synechia (adhesions) and scars of the nasal cavity

Synechia (adhesions) and scars of the nasal cavity are connective tissue cross branches between the nasal septum and the lower or middle nasal conchae. Depending on the cause, they can be located in the anterior, middle or posterior regions of the nasal cavity. The reasons for the development of nasal synechia (adhesions) are many and are especially formed as a complication following a previous manipulation in the nasal cavity (nasal tamponade, cauterization of the blood vessels of the nasal conchae, reanimation procedures, operations on the nasal sinuses, nasal plastic surgeries etc.).

The awareness of laser surgical treatment is needed because of the high frequency of reoccurrences and the difficulties in postoperative care of wounds. The advantages of laser therapy over available methods of treatment is due to the fact that it is a non-sanguineous (without bleeding) process, absence of edema of the surrounding tissue, formation of a fine scar, which liquidates the need to tamponade the nasal cavity. Treatment method is chosen after a consultation with a specialist.

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