Anal fissures

Anal fissures are longitudinal ruptures, wound or ulcers between the dentate line and the edge of the anus. Mostly, it is located on the central line, on the posterior semicircle of the anus (when the patient is lying down on his back). Anal fissures can occur in any age but it is more characteristic to young people. Most of the time, anal fissures occur without any clear reason but can also occur as a result of frequent defecation, diarrhea or to the contrary, due to constipation when hard feces passes through the anus or during anal sex. Anal fissures are the most commonly observed amongst proctologic diseases.

Both conservative (non-surgical) and surgical methods are used for the treatment of anal fissures. Therapeutic lasers are used for the treatment of acute anal fissures, which helps to quickly close the fissure. In cases of chronic anal fissures, laser scalpels are used. The use of laser scalpels helps reduce the duration of treatment as well as improve the post-operative period by reducing pain.

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