Anal itching

Anal itching is a condition characteristic of various proctological pathologies, it is accompanied by long-lasting itching in the area of ​​the anus. It can have a primary and secondary nature of occurrence, as well as an acute and chronic course.
Anal itching is a clinical symptom of many proctological, gynecological, infectious, viral, fungal infections (mainly candidiasis) and bacterial diseases. This also happens in the presence of food allergies, contact dermatitis, diseases of the liver, thyroid gland and pancreatitis, gynecological diseases and prostatitis, stress and excess weight.
If there is anal itching, you should consult a proctologist. In all cases, it is important to eliminate the cause of this symptom, so it may be necessary to visit a dermatologist, a gastroenterologist, an infectious disease specialist or an endocrinologist.

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