Arterosclerosis obliterans

Obliterating atherosclerosis is a disease whose fundamental characteristic lies in the thickening of the walls of arterial vessels as a result of the deposition of cholesterol and lipids (fats), which form atherosclerotic plaques, which cause gradual occlusion of vessels right up to their complete blockage. Progressive occlusion of arteries leads to disturbances in blood supply to the skin, muscles as well as other tissues of the lower extremities. As a result, essential abnormalities in the functions of the extremities and even the development of trophic ulcers, gangrene and later on amputation occur.

We have developed our own method of treating obliterating atherosclerosis in our clinic. We apply ILT (intravenous laser therapy) and later on, we administer pharmacological therapy. The use of laser therapy results in the improvement of microcirculation (vasodilation of vessels occur). After the application of ILT, pharmacological therapy becomes more effective due to the fact that the medication reaches the painful area through the opening created by the influence of the laser on the vessel.

Course of treatment: From 8 – 10 procedures.

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