An atheroma is an epidermal and follicular cyst, filled with a paste-like substance or by parts of the cyst. Hence, it is a subcutaneous caseous mass. This caseous mass is a conglomerate of secretions from the sebaceous glands, which often has an unpleasant smell. Sometimes, it contains a central aperture, through which its content with an unpleasant smell is secreted. At times, atheromas could be multifocal. During purulence of atheromas, reddening, pain, edema and increased temperature appears.

Atheromas can appear on any parts of the body. However, areas with frequent appearance of new lesions include the face, skin, head, neck, back and pubic region. Cysts of the sebaceous glands are often observed. Moreover, people of different ages and sex complain of atheromas. The main factors leading to the development of atheromas include unfavorable conditions of the external environment as well as different metabolic disorders.

We perform laser treatment of atheromas in our clinic. The treatment protocol involves the following: With the help of a laser, we make an incision 2-3cm deep. Through this incision, the lesion alongside its capsule is removed. The wound heals practically without any scar. Atheromas frequently appear on the hairy part of the head. After the excision of artheromas using this method, the patient already can wash his/her head on the third day after it has been excised.

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