Basalioma (basal cell carcinoma) is the most predominantly observed malignant skin tumors. Basaliomas possess infiltrative and local growth destructive properties. It usually does not undergo metastasis but however often reoccurs. Regional lymphatic nodes are not involved in the process. The tumor grows gradually and can penetrate down to the depth of the dermis and subcutaneous tissue. Basalioma is frequently observed in people older than 50 years. The tumor usually develops in openly exposed isolated areas as well as on all other areas of the skin except the palms and soles. Basaliomas can appear as single or multiple defects.

Basalioma (basal cell carcinoma) starts with the development of a dense semispherical nodule, a flesh-like opalescent or pale-pink color, penetrated by blood vessels. A grey colored crust appears in the center of the nodule, in whose place develops a dent (cavity) after its excision. The excised crust is quickly replaced by a new crust. The characteristic sign of basaliomas is a dense protuberance of the main tumor, which is composed of small sulphur-like formations which resemble a pearl.

The patient does not subjectively feel it. Basalioma, a tumor which exists for years, increases in size and later ulcerates from its center towards its edges. The fundus of the ulcer is crimson (bright-red) in color and dense. Basaliomas which are elevated above the skin in the form of yellowish plaque with blurred borders are called sclerodermal-like basal cell carcinoma. Superficial basaliomas can resemble lupus erythematousus, psoriasis, parapsoriasis. However, always in such cases, it does possess small nodules at its periphery in the form of a pearl.

In our clinic, we treat basaliomas using the FDT method (photodynamic therapeutic method). Patients are examined by oncologists as well as undergo complete laboratory investigations. The diagnosis is confirmed clinically, cytologically and histologically.

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