Calcaneal spur

Calcaneal spur is a bony outgrowth (mass) in the form of a spike (pin) in the plantar surface of the calcaneal bone. The clinical presentation of calcaneal spur is typical and characterized by a burning sharp pain when stepping on the spur which the patients describe as a feeling of a “nail in the heel”. The clinical symptoms are preconditioned first and foremost by changes in the soft tissues: by inflammations of the deep synovial bursas and the appearance of periostitis. The pain is caused by pressure exerted by the bony overgrowth (calcaneal spur) on the inflamed soft tissue. Moreover, the intensity of the pain does not depend on the size or form of the calcaneous spur: most of the time, large and sharp spurs are not being felt (cause no pain) while small and flat spurs appear to be very painful.

Calcaneous spurs are grouped under hard work-related problems. Our clinic possesses multiple effective methods for the treatment of calcaneous spurs: laser acupuncture, laser-pharesis, intravenous laser therapy as well as combined application of laser therapeutic methods and pharmacological therapy. We carry out the injection of medications in to the areas where the spurs are located.

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