Callus is a skin induration which frequently develops on toes, fingers and sometimes on the sole and heels while wearing tight-fitting shoes as well as in the absence of proper feet care. Calluses could become inflamed or suppurated. Calluses which develop on the sole, toes and inter-digital folds of the feet are often painful and render movement difficult.

The appearance of cracks/fissures on their surfaces may lead to microbes penetrating inside, thus causing an erysipelatous inflammation, phlegmons and other diseases. That is why during the appearance of calluses, measures have to be taken to inhibit the causative agent and if needed, excise the callus. Surgical excision of calluses is painful and leads to prolonged healing, thus it does not always satisfy the patient.

We excise calluses using surgical lasers in our clinic. The advantages of laser excision includes far more quicker post-operative wound healing as well as a better cosmetic effect. Besides that, dermatologists in our clinic, carry out consultations as well as determine the course/duration of treatment.

Corrective orthopedic insoles, which are often needed by patients, can be obtained in our clinic.

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