Cervical Erosion

Cervical erosion is benign pathological process which is characterized by the appearance of small ulcers (erosions) on the cervix. Moreover, cervical erosions are not considered a pre-cancerous pathology but they however increases the risk of developing cervical cancer.

In our clinic, cervical erosions are treated with therapeutic and surgical lasers. Consultations by a gynecologist, colposcopy, bacterial and cytological investigations are always performed before treatment is started. The colsposcopic picture permits a definite determination of the stage of the disease as well as helps to correctly determine the parameters for laser illumination. Laser illumination leads to the destruction of defective areas with the help of a specific vaginal nozzle.

Simultaneously, a course of ILIB (intravenous laser illumination of blood) is performed in order to correct homeostasis as well as the immune state of the patient. The action of surgical lasers has a significant advantage over electric and cryo actions.

Thermic damage of deeply located healthy tissues rarely occurs, that is why healing occurs faster. There is no bleeding. The procedure is non-contact in nature. It is almost painless as well as the post-operative period is completely painless. Scars and stenosis do not occur. The patient can already leave the clinic on their own feet within 30 minutes.

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