Cervix dysplasia

Cervix dysplasia is the changing of the epithelium (superficial layer) of the cervix, which often occurs after herpes and papilloma viral infection. Cervical dysplasia is the most commonly observed morphological pre-cancerous pathology of the cervix whose etiology is characterized by hyperplasia of stratified squamous epithelial cells with subsequent damage of its maturity and atypism.

The stages of cervical dysplasia include the following:
1. Mild degree – characterized by pathological damages of the basal and para-basal layer cells
2. Moderate degree – it is diagnosed if the pathological changes completely covers the lower half of the epithelial layer.
3. Severe degree (pre-invasive cancer) – In this case, the pathology spreads to the whole depth of the stratified squamous epithelium.

Surgical lasers are used to treat dysplasia in our clinic. Thermic damage of deeply located healthy tissues occurs rarely, that is why healing goes faster. There is no bleeding. The procedure is non-contact in nature. The procedure is practically painless as well as the post-operative period. Scars and stenosis do not occur. The patient can already leave the clinic on their own within 30 minutes.

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