Cysts of the mammary gland

Cysts of the mammary gland are fluid filled cavities, which are frequently observed especially in nulliparous of age 35-55 years. Cysts of the mammary gland develop from the mammary ducts or mammary gland and occur individually as well as in groups (clusters). Usually, cysts of the mammary gland are not easily detected unless when they have attained large palpable sizes. At times, they cause a painful sensation. The symptoms of cysts of the mammary gland are expressed as apprehensible pain the mammary gland of women during menstruation. A pair of cysts may attain large sizes and can change the shape of the breast.

We developed and patented the treatment of cysts of mammary glands with lasers. Prior to the operation, laboratory and ultrasound investigations as well as patient consultation by an oncologist are carried out. The treatment protocol involves the following: With the help of ultrasonic guidance, a puncture of the mammary gland is made. The content of the cyst is aspirated for cytological investigations. Through the same needle, a laser beam is introduced and the capsule of the cyst is vaporized. The patient is discharged from the clinic within an hour. The operation is painless and without scars.

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