Demodecosis is an intradermal parasitic disease. The cause of it are small mites of the genus Demodex.

Microscopy of the contents of demodectic foci is the main diagnostic method. Using a modern tape test allows you to see the pathogen under a microscope without damaging the skin.

Treatment of demodecosis is includes suppressing the vital activity of the Demodex mite. The main step is eliminating factors and consequences of mite parasitism. Consequenses can be: intradermal inflammation, skin atony, peeling, acne, post-acne, hyperpigmentation, etc.

In our clinic, a comprehensive approach to the treatment of demodicosis has been put into practice. The result of it is complete destruction of the mite in the laser-treated area. At the first stage, the complete destruction of adults and larvae of the skin mite is carried out using a neodymium laser that penetrates the dermis. This stage of processing is accompanied by a massive death of parasites and requires special skin care, the selection of ointment applications to improve the conditions for resorption of the killed individuals. The second treatment, which is carried out after two weeks, allows you to destroy the larvae that have hatched from the eggs and prevent re-infection due to a new reproductive cycle.


Complications of demodicosis (acne, postacne, rosacea, hyperpigmentation) require continued therapy according to individually selected schemes.
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