Eczema is a chronic skin disease with an allergic character. Eczema frequently develops during disorders of the nervous and endocrine systems as well as in cases of prolonged localization of infectious focuses in the organism, which constantly keep the organism in a hypersensitive state as well as a state with disorders of the digestive system with metabolic disorders. In some cases, eczema can develop around prolonged unhealed burns and wounds. In nature, it is not a different strain of eczema but the same allergic eczema to the products of daily microbes, which support the inflammation process of the wound.

The point of eczema development could be an individual reaction of the organism to several food stuffs, home dust, ground, pollen from blossoming flowers, some scents (odors), chemical substances, to some components of tap water, to medications as well as to a series of allergens, which are capable of initiating or developing the disease or stimulating its secondary exacerbation. Eczema appears on moist and warm parts of the body for example the crease (folds) of the elbow, knees, groin (inguinal fold), axilla (armpit), sole of the feet, surface of the hands as well as the face (first of all on the chin) and on the hair roots of the occiput, where the ski


n is specifically sensitive. Eczema belongs to the group of frequently observed skin diseases.

Eczema is not always suppressed by medications. We use laserphoresis (combined action of laser and medications) in our clinic for the treatment of eczema, which is totally effective in the treatment of eczema by intravenous laser therapy.

Duration of treatment is 10 – 15 days.


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