Epicondylitis is a degenerative destructive process in the areas where the muscles attach to the epicondylus of the humerus. This process is accompanied by a reactive inflammation of connective tissues. Clinically, external epicondylitis of the shoulder (also called radiohumeral bursitis or tennis elbow), which is frequently observed as well as internal epicondylitis of the shoulder are differentiated.

External epicondylitis occurs in people who frequently carry out repeated and stereotypical movements (extension and supination of the forearm) for example massage therapists, painter, carpenters and tennis players. At times, epicondylitis is caused due to direct trauma of the elbow and can be caused by a single intensive stress (for example carrying a very heavy bag). Men suffer more often from it than women.

Epicondylitis is grouped under hard work-related problems. Our clinic possesses multiple effective methods for the treatment of epicondylitis: laser acupuncture, laser-pharesis, intravenous laser therapy as well as combined application of laser therapeutic methods and pharmacological therapy. We carry out the injection of medications in to the painful areas.

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