Fungal skin and nail diseases

Fungal skin and nail diseases are a set of chronic diseases, which belong to the group of infectious diseases of humans, which are caused by pathogenic fungi. Fungal infections manifest differently but the most common are skin affection (mycosis), and nails (onychomycosis). It is a transmissible disease, which is transmitted from person to person. The specific causative agents of fungal skin and nail infections are dermatophytes. Fungi with the ability to cause skin and nail diseases have specific enzymes, which destroy proteins which make up the corneal layer (stratum corneum) of the skin, hair and nails. Fungi of the nails are a focus and source of infection to other parts of the body.

For the treatment of mycosis in our clinic after the removal of the infected nail plate using ointments, therapeutic lasers are administered to the sanitized nail bed, which leads to a quick healing of the nail bed and improvement of tissue microcirculation. Subsequent treatment is carried out using laser-phoresis (supply of medications) to the newly growing healthy nail plate. In addition to that, we apply a new therapeutic method in our clinic using a Neodymium laser “Photona”, which is administered four times (once every two weeks). The new nail plate grows while pushing away the affected one.

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