Hair plasma therapy (hair loss treatment)

Hair plasma therapy

Hair plasma therapy

Treatment of hair loss includes correction of endocrine disorders if there are indications, hair plasma therapy, prescription of vitamin preparations, mesotherapy procedures, laser therapy.

Hair mesotherapy is a procedure that is highly effective for pathological hair loss treatment or to prevent this problem.  The method includes intradermal injection of special mesotherapeutic drugs (vitamins, minerals, nucleic acids and other certified drugs) or autologous plasma into the scalp.

Plasma therapy (PRP) is an injection procedure using the patient’s blood plasma. It allows these procedures to help even people who are prone to allergic reactions. Blood from a vein is centrifuged to obtain pure plasma. Plasma contains its own growth factors. Through superficial intradermal injections, doctor injects plasma into the hair part of the head. This way it creates a zone of active nutrition for hair bulbs. It is best to carry out plasma therapy once every two weeks with a course of 3-4 procedures.

The combination of plasma therapy with laser therapy doubles the effect and contributes to its long-term preservation. Laser therapy sessions use a remote method (independently or in combination with plasma therapy) with a laser scanner of the two-channel therapeutic device “Medic 2”. Course treatment consists of 10 procedures of 15 minutes each.

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