Heart ultrasound

The heart is a complex organ. Its function can be assessed in a bunch of ways. Ultrasound is one of the most informative methods to examine a heart. Heart ultrasound is a most complex ultrasound investigation. It usually takes about 30-40 minutes. It can provide full information about heart structure, any present defects of the walls of valves and also about heart function.

Ultrasound is the only method that allows to observe the heart functioning in real time without harm for a patient. Doppler Duplex Scan reveals how blood is moving within the heart. It shows if the heart pumps sufficient volumes of blood and also if any regurgitation is present. Regurgitation is a process that can occur normally or in some pathological conditions. It means, that some volume of blood is moving in a wrong direction. It is usually a sign of a valve pathology, but not exclusively.

Also, heart ultrasound shows if all the heart walls contract at a proper time. This can reveal areas that do not contract, which can be a sign of an infarction in the past.

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