Hemorrhoids are chronic varicose veins (varices) of the anus, which provoke the formation of hemorrhoidal nodes (pile) as well as their inflammation and prolapse outside. The reason for the development of the disease is an increase in the flow of blood in the lower regions of the colon which makes its outflow difficult. This leads to the dilation of venous plexuses (hemorrhoidal nodes or piles), its constant increase in size and chronic inflammation. Gradual stretching of the musculo-ligamentous apparatus and hemorrhoidal nodes, cause it to protrude out of the anal canal during exertion (strain).

We treat hemmoroids with the help of lasers in our clinic. Conservative (non-surgical) treatment of hemorrhoids is applied i.e. external illumination of nodes or intravenous laser therapy. Pain syndrome is reduced, inflammation processes subside and bleeding is stopped.

Surgical treatment of hemorrhoids is carried out with the help of laser scalpels. The use of lasers helps to reduce pain syndrome, reduce wound healing time as well as improve the quality of life of patients. A proctologist obligatorily consults the patients. Surgical operations are performed by surgical laser specialists and proctologists.

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