Infertility is the absence of pregnancy in the absence of contraceptive measures. Infertility could be primary or absolute (which prevents natural delivery). Such form of infertility occurs very rarely and it is mainly due to developmental defects of the genital organs: severe anatomical anomalies of the uterus and adnexia, their absence or severe immaturity. In addition to that, such a diagnosis will be in women who have never been pregnant before. In all other cases, secondary infertility occurs, which is when a woman was previously pregnant as well as temporal problems of the organism which prevent the patient from getting pregnant especially now or with a specific partner.

In our clinic, we use anti-inflammation and immunomodulative actions of laser illumination, whose stimulation acts on the microcirculation.

External laser illumination projected to the ovaries, uterus and the abdominal wall is carried out. Simultaneously with topical laser action, ILT (intravenous laser therapy) is administered. Treatment duration is 8 – 10 procedures.

In our clinic, one can always be consulted by an endocrinologists who is experienced in endocrinology, gynecology as well as by a gynecologist who effectively treats infertility.

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