Intensive SMOOTH rejuvenation (business woman)

The most innovative type of express SMOOTH rejuvenation. Instant result of smoothing the relief of the skin. No trauma, no pain, no blood! Without a recovery period, without changing the usual way of life!

Methodology of ultra-effective laser express rejuvenation

Just one procedure provides:

  • leveling of relief, narrowing of pores, smoothing of small wrinkles;
  • gentle exfoliation of old keratinized skin cells;
  • intensive skin lifting, face contour tightening;
  • lifting of the upper and lower eyelids;
  • suitable for rejuvenating the skin of all areas of the face and body (including hands, inner surface of thighs and shoulders).

During the entire procedure, the skin is cooled by a special Zimmer Cryo 6 system

To spend only half an hour on the procedure on Friday, in order to demonstrate an excellent appearance on Monday, today it is possible thanks to the unique technology of SMOOTH-rejuvenation.

SMOOTH rejuvenation

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