Intimate rejuvenation

Womens` intimate health is a very delicate issue. It is often overlooked due to shame or ignorance of the methods of intimate rejuvenation of the intimate areas. After 30 years, more than 60% of women of childbearing age suffer from vaginal atrophy. It causes many physiological inconveniences and psychological discomfort. Due to many life circumstances – the natural processes of aging, pregnancy and childbirth, active lifestyle, heavy exercise, heredity, surgery, a woman’s intimate health is changing greatly.

Women face the following problems of an intimate nature:
• Active changes in the area of ​​the vaginal walls associated with the age of the patient, aesthetic dissatisfaction, psychological complexes
• Postpartum stretch marks of the vaginal walls.
• Insufficient moisture.
• The presence of urinary incontinence.
• Reduced sensitivity of the intimate area, dissatisfaction with sexual intercourse

The Sumy Clinic of Laser Medicine is ready to correct the problem of relaxation syndrome, stress urinary incontinence, vaginal dryness, discomfort during intercourse, postpartum vaginal changes, chronic inflammation, lowering of the genitals with the help of laser technologies Er: YAG Fotona. This innovative method allows you to restore the former qualities of the pelvic floor muscles without surgery, without long-term rehabilitation, without harm to health.

The laser correction procedure is safe. When working at a depth of 1 cm, in addition to the required area, the adjacent organs are not exposed to danger (ovaries, neck, etc.).

In the vagina are connective tissues, which under the influence of the laser beam shrink. The action of the laser causes the cells to activate the production of their own collagen, which is responsible for narrowing the diameter of the vagina; stimulation of collagen production causes an increase in elasticity, resilience, significantly strengthens the support for holding the uterus; new blood vessels are formed. Due to this, the tissues receive better nutrition, the process of metabolism is accelerated.

Today, the reviews of 95% of patients who underwent this procedure confirm its high efficiency. Very soon the diameter of the vagina decreases significantly, the quality of intimate life increases. Subsequently, no side effects were detected.

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