Kidney stone disease

Kidney stone disease – KSD (urolithiasis) is a disease manifesting as the formation of concrements (stones) in the organs of the urinary system. Urolithiasis can be seen in any age. Kidney stone disease makes up 30 – 40% of the causes of hospitalization of patients in the urological department. Obstruction of the ureters (kidney colic) manifests as acute spasmodic pain in the lumbar region, nausea, vomiting and hematuria. During a prolonged anamnesis of urolithiasis, pyelonephritis can occur.

In our clinic, patients can be consulted by a urologist as well as undergo laboratory investigations.

As of today, the treatment of kidney stone disease includes conservative therapy and operative methods of treatment.

Conservative therapy includes: diet (depends on the type of stone formed) and medications. In case an inflammation process gets involved, then antibacterial therapy is administered.

Surgical treatment methods include: conservative surgery (endoscopic surgery) and operations requiring routine laparotomy.

Distant (remote) wave lithotripsy is the action of high capacity ultrasound waves on the concrement (which is different from operative treatment).

Contact lithotripsy is direct action on the concrement.

Laser therapy, which is widely used in our clinic, is a therapeutic method which is painless and not traumatic as well as possesses good analgesic and anti-inflammation effects, practically does not cause any complications, allows the execution of therapy in an outpatient setting without interrupting work routine. In our clinic, we propose a treatment scheme to patients which involves using laser therapy in combination with routine treatment methods (spasmolytics, uroseptics and diuretics). Such a therapeutic method helps the patient to better tolerate episodes of kidney colic attacks, increases the time interval between episodes and hastens the discharge of sand, microlites and concrements. With such a treatment scheme, the discharge of concrements often occurs without pain.

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