Kraurosis vulvae

Kraurosis vulvae is a chronic progressive atrophic processes of the skin and the mucosa of the valvula which is related to involuntary changes of the external genital organs. Kraurosis vulvae is accompanied by paraesthesia, dryness, rash of the mucosa, atrophic and sclerotrophic changes of labia minora, clitoris, labia majora, vulvitis and vaginal stenosis. The etiology of kraurosis vulvae has not been fully understood. It is very common among women older than 50 years.

Pharmacological therapy for this disease is not effective.

We perform external laser illumination of the affected zones.

The treatment duration is 12 – 14 procedures. Objective improvement is observed as a decrease of the following: edema, hyperemia as well as epitheliazation of affected spots. As a rule, partial absorption of the lesions starts after 5 – 7 procedures. By the end of the course of treatment, an improvement in the general state of the patient is observed: disappearance of rash, normalization of sleep as well as emotional stability.

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