Laser biorevitalization

Laser biorevitalization

Laser biorevitalizationThis is a highly effective procedure aimed at the absorption of hyaluronic acid by the skin, which is ideal for restoring wilted and dehydrated skin. Also, the use of the procedure shortens the rehabilitation period after exposure to aggressive environmental factors or aesthetic interventions. It is an effective rejuvenation method.

Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a natural component of the intercellular substance of the dermis, which, in addition to retaining moisture, has pronounced antioxidant properties. The production of hyaluronic acid in our body begins to decrease after the age of 25, which determines the need to replenish its reserves with age.

Non-injection biorevitalization is absolutely painless, the first effect is visible immediately after the procedure. For a longer and more stable effect, a course of 5-7 procedures, which are carried out at intervals of 7-14 days, is recommended.

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