Laser epilation

Laser epilation is a modern method of painless hair removal without damaging the skin. Laser destroys the hair bulb, after that the hair in the area no longer grows.

The advantages of laser epilation are that the procedure is painless, does not cause irritation, allergic reactions, after it the risk of hair growth is minimal, moreover, it is the procedure of choice to eliminate such phenomena.

The STARLASER microchannel diode laser used in our clinic is one of the most advanced devices for permanent hair removal and uses light of three wavelengths: 755, 808 and 1064 nm.

This model is best suitable for permanent epilation and can remove all types of hair thanks to the use of three types of radiation. Thus, using waves of 755, 808 and 1064 nm, STARLASER easily copes with both “standard” hair removal manipulations and epilation of traditionally difficult areas. Using three different emitters, it easily affects thin and light, dark, downy, dark or tanned skin, hair in the armpits and bikini area, the follicles of which are deepest in the skin. Using the STARLASER device, it became possible to get rid of unwanted “vegetation” in the shortest possible time with a guaranteed cessation of hair growth in the treated area.

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