Leucoplakia (Leucokeratosis) is the destruction of the mucosa, characterized by different degrees of keratosis of the surface epithelium. It belongs to the group of pre-cancerous pathologies. It is localized on the mucosa of the vulva, clitoris, vagina and cervix. Visually, they are white plaques which are located on the surface of the cervix. Frequently, they form part of the signs of chronic infections, more often viral infections. Obligatorily, biopsy and surgical treatment is needed.

Surgical lasers are used for the treatment of leukoplakia because:

  • less frequently does thermal damage of deeply located healthy tissue occur, hence speeding up the recovery process;
  • bleeding is absent;
  • it is a non-contact method;
  • the procedure is almost painless as well as the post-operative period;
  • scars and stenosis do not occur;
  • patients can leave the clinic on their own within 30 minutes.
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