A lipoma is a benign tumor, developed from fatty tissue as a result of an obstruction in the duct of the sebaceous gland. It is a soft flexible painless subcutaneous node, which is not attached to the surrounding tissues. Lipomas of diameter 1-2cm are frequently observed. However, lipomas can attain larger diameters ( > 10cm). In most cases, lipomas are painless. However their large sizes could provoke pressure on the surrounding tissues and nerve endings, which leads to pain in such patients.

With the help of lasers, lipoma excision is executed practically without bleeding due to the fact that incision and vascular coagulation occur at the same time. The post-operative period is smooth and practically painless. Obligatorily, a histological investigation of the excised lesion is performed. If required, the patient may be consulted by an oncologist. Scars rarely occur.

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