Lower Extremities Doppler

Doppler Duplex Scan (DDS) is a method, that allows a clear visualization of the blood flow in the vessels. It is broadly used in investigation of wide spectrum of diseases. Lower Extremities Doppler allows to clearly see if blood is moving without any obstacles, and the vein valves are functioning.

DDS is a golden standard for establishing the diagnosis of chronic venous insufficiency or varicose veins and obliterating atherosclerosis. It also shows the presence of thrombosis and the characteristics of the thrombi — mainly, how high is a risk of the thrombus to move from where it occurred.

The procedure is completely painless and resembles a common ultrasound. For the functional tests the doctor may ask the patient to stand up and put a leg in a certain position. An example of the test is shown in the picture.
Lower Extremities Doppler

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