Mammary glands ultrasound

Ultrasound is the most informative method for the detection of mammary glands’ pathology. It provides a clear view of any lesions, nodules, inflammation or hormonal disbalance. Ultrasound is a preferred method for early detection of mammary glands` cancer in women younger than 40 years but is also informative later. It is recommended to undergo mammary glands ultrasound at least once a year. Prophylaxis of cancer of mammary glands is important, as early stages of it don’t cause any symptoms or discomfort, thus they can remain unnoticed. At the same moment the early stages can be easily treated.

Here at Sumy Laser Clinic mammary glands’ ultrasound is performed by an experienced gynecologist that can provide you a consultation if any pathology detected.Mammary glands ultrasound

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