Menopause is an irreversible process which is part of the general aging process of the organism, affecting the reproductive functions and after which menstruation stops in women. Climacteric period is characterized by hormonal changes and cyclical symptoms, which occur from the start of the alterations right up till one year after menstruation stops. Perimenopausal period (climacteric period) starts years before the last menstruation. Menopause is the period of the absence of menstruation within twelve months after the last menstruation. The appearance of menopause is characterized with a lot of diversified symptoms, which include: absence of regular menses, vascular disorders and urogenital symptoms such as vaginitis, pain during sexual intercourse, sleep and mood disorders.

The treatment of menopause is usually complex.

Laser therapy completely effectively improves the treatment of menopause. In a complex therapeutic scheme, ILT (intravenous laser therapy) and external laser illumination projected to the ovaries are used. After 1 – 2 courses of treatment, a significant decrease and even disappearance of characteristic symptoms of the climacteric period are observed: normalization of blood pressure, decrease of the overall duration of the climacteric period since the climacteric period lasts from 2 – 8 years, hence, there is the need to undergo treatment not less than twice yearly.


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