Persistent wounds

Persistent wounds of the lower extremities are frequent pathologies, which occur in individuals with chronic arterial or venous insufficiency, with diseases of the cardio-pulmonary system, in patients suffering from diabetes mellitus, after several different traumas and previous severe diseases. Extensive persistent wounds and trophic ulcers are the reasons for intoxication of the organism by products of tissue damage (tissue debris) and vital activities of the organism, which serves as the entry site for nosocomial infections and can be its source, which leads to the development of anemia, hypoprotenaemia, loss of microelements, insufficient or deprived immune response.

Furthermore, they are often complicated by allergic dermatitis and para-traumatic eczema, cellulitis, purulence, fungal defects, erysipelas, skin and subcutaneous edema, thrombophlebitis of superficial and deep veins of the leg, periositis and rarely malignant canceration. Self-maintained epithelization of persistent wounds and trophic ulcers of the lower extremities with an area of over 50cm2 occurs very slowly. Pathological scars and relapses (reoccurrence of ulcers) occur in their position with frequent purulent inflammatory complications. All of this prolongs the duration of treatment, reduces its efficacy, increases financial expenses for the course of treatment as well as disrupts working abilities and quality of life of the patient, which are both the reasons of disability.

In our clinic, several different methods of laser therapy are used for the treatment of persistent wounds: Blue and Red spectrum ILT (intravenous laser therapy), external laser wound illumination and photodynamic therapy. Laser influence provides bactericidal action, improves microcirculation of tissues, which helps in cleansing ulcers, reducing edema and pain syndrome. Persistent wounds are often not susceptible to antibiotic therapy. We use photodynamic therapy during which the elimination of wound microbes occurs irrespective of the type of the causative agent.

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