Psoriasis is a chronic skin disease resulting in the damage of a large area of the skin and in severe cases, the nails and joints. Psoriasis is not transmissible. However, it has a chronic character and the tendency of reoccurrence. Psoriasis can occur in any age in the same frequency both in men as in women.

Psoriasis manifests as a rose colored patch with distinct borders, covered with grey-white scales. Rashes are accompanied by itching and they appear on any part of the skin especially on the hairy parts of the head, knee and elbow creases (folds), as well on several other parts of the body. In either case, the treatment of psoriasis is very prolonged as well as it is difficult to suppress the supportive process with medications.

Impulse infra-red illumination is used for the treatment of psoriasis in our clinic. Laser procedures are administered in combination with medications. Intravenous laser therapy provides a highly effective treatment for psoriasis.


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