Pyelonephritis is a bacterial inflammation disease of the kidneys. In women, pyelonephritis usually starts after cystitis – ascending pyelonephritis. In men, pyelonephritis is often a complication of urologic diseases like adenoma, prostate inflammation and kidney stone disease. Symptoms of pyelonephritis include: pain in the lumbar region. During non-obstructive pyelonephritis, pain is usually of a nagging character, could be periodic (paroxysmal) in character (for example during obstruction of the ureters with stones called calculous pyelonephritis), fever up till 38 – 40 0C, chills, general weakness, decrease of appetite, nausea and at times vomiting.

In our clinic, patients can be consulted by a urologist, a therapist as well as undergo laboratory investigation. In our clinic, during acute and chronic pyelonephritis, ILT (intravenous laser therapy) in combination with antibacterial, anti-inflammation therapy, phyto-antidiuretic therapy and uro-antiseptics are used for treatment purposes. As a result of the usage of ILT, pain syndrome disappears, body temperature normalizes, daily diuresis increases and the laboratory parameters normalize.

Laser therapy potentiates the action of antibiotics, which significantly reduces the time required to treat pyelonephritis.

The treatment duration is 8 – 10 procedures.

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