Retention cyst of the cervix

Retention cyst of the cervix is a closed and dilated gland with accumulated secrets in it. If an occlusion of the secreting ducts of the cervical glands which produce mucus occurs as a result of an inflammation process, they can increase in size and transform into cysts. The cysts on their own are not dangerous: they do not belong to the group of pre-cancerous pathologies, they do not influence the endocrine profile and they do not cause menstrual delays or miscarriages. However, cysts can become focuses of infections and lead to the development of chronic inflammatory processes in female genital organs, which are frequently the causes of ectopic pregnancy and infertility. The sizes of the cysts can be from 2 – 10mm.

We perform excisions of cysts with surgical lasers in our clinic. Cysts are dissected, their content is removed and later, intra-cystic vaporization is carried out.

The operation is performed in a painless state, without bleeding and without any reoccurrences. The patient can leave the clinic on his/her own within 30 minutes after the operation.

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