External laser therapy (Scanner)

External laser therapy (Scanner) is a highly effective method of physiotherapy based on the action of low-intensity laser radiation.

“Medic 2” is a low intensity scanning therapeutic laser. Laser beam scanning is a modern, highly effective method of laser therapy, which provides an opportunity to work on large surface areas using targeted laser radiation.

Laser scanning permits the achievement of high effectiveness of procedures, without increasing at the same time the duration for implementing as well as providing a deep penetrative laser radiative action in tissues. We correct body shapes using scans, according to the form of damaged surface. This device possesses an analgesic, anti-inflammatory and wound-healing effects. In our clinic, “Medic 2” device is effectively used for the treatment of trophic ulcers, chronic non-healing wound, vascular diseases of the lower extremities, pathologies of the joints and spinal cord, peritoneal commissures (adhesions), adnexitis (oophoritis).

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