Three Dimensional Fractional Treatment

Three Dimensional Fractional Treatment, or deep dermal T3-rejuvenation – a technique of non-ablative laser exposure to the superficial and deep layers of the dermis (depth of exposure to neodymium laser Fotona (Nd: YAG) up to 6-7 mm) for multistage step stimulation of microcollagenesis, restructuring and restructuring of local immunity in order to obtain a pronounced dermoplastic effect, which is manifested by a significant rejuvenation of the face, neck, décolleté, hands, etc.

FT deep laser rejuvenation belongs to the category of ultra-effective procedures for staged laser skin rejuvenation. The technology is aimed at changing the tone, turgor, color and density of the skin after a single exposure to a long-pulse neodymium laser (Nd: YAG).

A pronounced effect is observed during the course of laser rejuvenation procedures using the Fotona laser apparatus.

Techniques for deep laser rejuvenation using the Fotona neodymium laser (Nd: YAG) are based on the use of the effect of homogeneous photothermolysis and can be implemented both with the aiming manipulator and with the S-11 scanner on the area. The scanning area for one scan can be up to 42 cm2.

The methods of deep laser rejuvenation on the Fotona laser apparatus are used both as independent course (6 visits) procedures, and as a second stage in complex programs of facial rejuvenation.

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