Thyroid gland diseases

Side effects of the Chernobyl catastrophe, iodine deficiency and chronic fatigue have led to a catastrophic rise in the number of cases of thyroid gland diseases. To this group of diseases belong nodular goiter, endemic goiter and autoimmune inflamative disease (thyroiditis), which may lead to a decreased (hypothyroidism) or increased (thyrotoxicosis) function of the thyroid gland. Every third woman after 40 years has one or another problem related to the thyroid gland. Half of the cases of endocrine infertility is related to thyroid gland function disorders.

For the treatment of thyroid gland diseases, local as well as general laser therapy is used. In practice, green spectrum laser illumination for strengthening and improving the functional capacity of the thyroid gland is used. Yellow and orange spectra possess a significant anti-inflammation effect, which permits their usage in the treatment of the feeling of “lump in the throat”, discomfort in the neck region, which disappears after ten (10) procedures. The thyroid gland carries out energetic and metabolic control of the whole organism, which is why intravenous laser therapy improves the basic energetic state, the immune and nervous systems, which helps normalize body weight. The thyroid gland is the main drive of all metabolic processes of the organism. There exist two major problems connected with thyroid gland dysfunctions. Firstly, there is an increase in its size or thickening (consolidation) of its structures, which can lead to pressure on organs of the neck, coughing, hoarseness and discomfort during swallowing – “lump in the throat” feeling. Secondly, during a decrease or an increase of thyroid function, the cardiovascular, nervous, digestive systems and other body systems as well as the reproductive function is affected.

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