Trophic ulcers

A trophic ulcer is not an independent disease. It develops as a complication of diseases such as chronic arterial insufficiency (artherosclerosis, thromboangiitis obliterans, non-specific aortoarteritis), diabetes mellitus, chronic venous insufficiency (varicous vein disease, post-thrombophebitic disease), peripheral polyneuropathy of the extremities etc. Ulcers can be located on different parts of the body for example trophic ulcers due to diabetes mellitus develop predominantly on the skin of the sole of the feet. Trophic ulcers of the leg develop mostly due to chronic venous insufficiency.

In our clinic, several different methods are used for the treatment of trophic ulcers: Blue and Red spectrum ILT (intravenous laser therapy), external laser wound illumination and photodynamic therapy. Laser influence provides bactericidal action, improves microcirculation of tissues, which helps in cleansing ulcers, reducing edema and pain syndrome. Trophic ulcers are often not susceptible to antibiotic therapy. We use photodynamic therapy during which the elimination of ulcer microbes occur irrespective of the type of the causative agent.

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