Vulvitis is the inflammation of the external female genital organs. It frequently develops secondary to irritation of the valvula by pathological valvular secretions. In children, combined valvilitis and inflammation of the vagina is common (vulvovaginitis). Vulvitis manifests as a burning sensation with rash, pain during movement and uncontrolled urination.

Pathological processes of the vulva are very common and can be seen in any age. Laser therapy is effective in treating the following pathological processes: inflammation processes of the vulva (batholinitis, furunculosis, hydradenitis), diaper rash, herpes and itches. Pharmacological therapeutic methods (antibiotics, vitamins, antiseptics) are used simultaneously while administering laser therapy. Laser therapy provides a good clinical effect due to an increase in microcirculation, analgesic as well as as stimulating effects on the immune system.

For treatment purposes, a combination of external laser as well as ILIB (intravenous laser illumination of blood) is performed.

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