Treatment of scars using the most modern equipment!

Treatment of scars using the most modern equipment!

If you intend to get rid of a scar or stretch marks, you probably already know that the market of cosmetology services offers many ways to do it. So why should you choose laser grinding with the Fotona Dynamis SP?

First of all, this is the most modern device that has a wide range of operating modes, which allows you to find an individual approach to each scar.

Secondly, the device combines 2 lasers: erbium and neodymium. The erbium laser acts on the surface and polishes the outer part of the scar, while the neodymium laser has a greater depth of impact, which allows you to stimulate tissue regeneration under the scar tissue. Thus, not only the cosmetic defect is destroyed, but it is replaced by healthy skin.

Last but not least, the Clinic’s specialists have many years of experience working with laser equipment and regularly upgrade their qualifications.

Treatment of scars and stretch marks is a long process, but with each procedure you will see results. So, if you decide to start this path – choose the best!

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