Do not delay – check moles!

Do not delay – check moles!

Summer is coming soon, which will bring not only our victory, but also a longer sunny day. In the conditions of long exposure to the skin of direct sunlight, you need to pay special attention to your moles.

In the Sumy clinic of laser medicine, you can not only check your moles with the help of dermatoscopy, but also remove those that worry you, cause cosmetic discomfort or are subject to permanent trauma.

When removing a mole with a laser instead of a scalpel, the injured surface is reduced, and therefore the risk of scarring and its size. In addition, healing time and the likelihood of infection are reduced.

All removed neoplasms are subject to histological examination to make 100% sure that they were benign and do not require further examination.

Don’t wait for summer – get your moles checked now!

Do not wait for the end of the war – start living today!

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